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Attention musicians, producers, trackers, and recording artists. This CD is the opportunity that you all have been waiting for.

Pro Audio Tools presents the Pro Audio Tools Sample CD

Are you tired of paying $100 just to get a CD with 100MB of samples on it? Our CD is more than 650MB of over 3,800 high quality ROYALTY FREE samples.

For over 10 years the pro audio tools team has been creating, collecting, and compiling material for this collaboration.

We sell our sample CDs locally here in Chicago to other producers who just love them and use them for most of their projects.

You will find a lot of sounds that are found in today's multi-platinum recordings without having to pay the multi-platinum price.

With our samples you'll never need another Sample CD again and may not even need your drum machine anymore.

185 808 Drum Samples 155 Hi Hats
45 909 Drums 42 Rims Shots
75 Kick Drums 16 Shakers
368 Drum Loops/Breaks 82 Snares
228 Synth Samples from Korg, Juno, Virus, Jx3, jp8000 and more 936 Sound Effects from Airplanes to Zippers
23 Congas 33 Claps
16 Cowbells 776 Synthesized Drum Sounds
56 Crashes 20 Tambourines
250 Percussion sounds 95 Toms
273 Various One Shots, Pads and Strings 24 15 to 30 second wav files with multi sample files

On sale now for only $12.99

Pro Audio Tools
420 Wrightwood Ave. #725
Chicago, IL 60614

tel: (206) 309 - 0635
fax: (509) 695 - 4135


Shipping (USD)

$3.00 North America
$6.00 Everywhere else

For more information contact: dopedrumz@yahoo.com

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Including a version for ACID

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Note: All of our cd's are available in audio format. If you wish to purchase any of our cd's in audio format please include a note with payment requsting your copy in AUDIO format.

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